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About the Ashramam

Sri Sai Satya Krishna Deenajana Sevashramam (SSSKDS) was started in the year 1987 with a divine motto to help the poor and needy as well as to promote spiritual values in the society. it’s established on the democratic principles with non political and not for profit. It’s purely a secular organization with social consciousness.

SSSKDS has it’s good hear towards the welfare of the children, helpless women and older people those who are in distress. In the inception, SSSKDS and it’s team conducted a survey on the socio-economic condition of the most oppressed classes of the Gokavaram and Korukonda Mandals. The SSSKDS team observed that the oppressed classes are very far away to lively hood opportunities and poverty is a curse in their lives. They found the Orphan children, Single women in distress as well as neglected older people who are in need of helping hand from the wider society.

Having regonized the services of SSSKDS, the Gokavaram Tahsildar allotted 3.59 acres land at Bavajipeta village through a proper resolution, passed to handover the land to SSSKDS on lease.

SSSKDS has been running an English Medium School for the children of the poor and needy. it is recognized by the A.P. Government from 1St standard to 7th class. 50 children belong to oppressed classes are getting free education, one time meal, one pair of cloths and books in the school. 10 rooms were being built for the school purpose.

As the SSSKDS team found that the oppressed classes having no skills for earning daily bread. They stated skill development courses in coir articles making and tailoring. Many women trained and self—sustained through skills learnt.

KRIYANANDA, the founder and president of SSSKDS is an orthodox personality. He teaches Hindu Dharma and follows with utmost sincerity. Construction of Hindu Deities, is his long term objective. Shodashi Ganapathi Mandiram, a temple with 16 Ganesh Statues, is under construction Ashta Lakshmi Devalayam is to be started soon. It is the holy proposed of Kriyananda to perform daily worship ( Nitya Kainkayya ) and ’Nitya Homam’ at the Ashramam after completion of Shodashi Ganapathi Mandiram.

Need to Support the Asramam:

Sri Sai Satya Krishna Deenajana Sevashramam is founded not only to serve the poor and needy but also to enhance spiritual values in the society.

Smt. Satyavathi and Kriyananada who are very Senior Citizens between the age group of 74-78, are highly appreciable for their commitment towards the society and heritage even in the last days of their lives.

Hence, it is the need of the hour to support the noble cause by donating in cash and kind to protect the moral heritage of lndian culture. Your donations will be utilized for not only charity but also to purchase the land which is on lease purpose by the prior permission granted by the then District Collector, Sri Satish Chandra. Your donations will be spent on holy things, holy constructions and for human cause.

About SHRI KRIYANANDA Founder and President

KRIYANANDA is a man of Orthodox ideology who is very fond of Indian Culture and heritage. He was a school headmaster in A.P.Government, voluntarily resigned his  job in order to make full time efforts in the service of the poor and needy.

First of all, he founded Sri Sai Satya Krishna Deenajana Sevashramam with a long term objective to revive the orthodox environment in the Rural areas and to serve  the children, women and older people in distress, simultaneously.

Kriyananda started an orphanage and old age home in the inception and continued for  5 years. Later on, because of insufficient local donations, he stopped the  services. English medium school for the children of the poor is being run now. Kriyananda struggles a lot from the low funds and runs the school and Ashram’s Shodashi Ganapathi Mandiram by the monthly pension, he gets from the Government. It became a holy burden to him to continue the noble work with the least local donations and his monthly pension. Above all, Ashta Lakshmi Mandiram construction is his dream and he leads his life for the fulfillment of this divine cause. His will power is so wonderful as he is so confident that he could certainly built an amazing temple of Ashta Lakshmi at he Ashram premises soon.

Obviously, he is an ideal master by prediction solutions to many people those who came to the Ashram for reporting their personal issues, family grievances, finance  & legal matters etc.,


Donors are requested to support to below said Ashramam needs:

  • A permanent registered land for the Ashramam. It costs Rs.25,00,000/— per acre to purchase from the government as the District Collector, permitted to get register the land (Total extent 3.59 acres)
  • A four wheeler (50 seater bus) for the school children. 
  • Support for the completion of Shodashi Ganapathi Mandir construction.
  • Support for constructing Ashta Lakhsmi Temple. 
  • Carpus fund for running the Ashramam not less than Rs.1 crore.

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